Google Moderator and the First Meeting (26th)

It’s a conversation, that’s what we are hoping for. That is what social media is, whether it be a feed on Twitter, a series of blog posts, or a wall post on Facebook, and we don’t want GRSM to be any different.

We’ve been wrestling with a couple of questions as to how to best make GRSM useful and insightful for all that come. How are we going to chose a topic of conversation for each meeting? What’s the best way to share thoughts outside of designated meeting times? We’d like to make the process as democratic as possible, a conversation if you will. So we’ve implemented Google Moderator on the blog, here anyone is able to sign in and submit a topic of conversation, vote for a topic that you like and flag topics that you wouldn’t necessarily want to talk about. The question or topic that gets the most interest will be our topic of conversation at the next meeting. How’s that for democratic? So get in there and vote for a topic before next Thursday.

How will these meet ups work? Like I said earlier, this is a conversation. There will be a topic that will frame the meeting. We’ll have a moderator to keep the conversation on track and to get the ball rolling (depending on the topic you could be the moderator). The moderator will have knowledge of what we’re talking about that week and should be able to answer questions. From there let all questions, comments, experiences flow forth.

We’ve been tweeting this for a couple of days now, but in case you haven’t heard, our first meeting is scheduled for this coming Thursday, February 26th, from 12:00 to 1:30 at Founders. Please drop in and say hello, meet some interesting people and share your thoughts. It should be a blast.

Don’t forget to cast your idea and your vote on Google Moderator, and we’ll see you on Thursday.


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