Twitter for Business. Paul Kortman.

In preparation for our next GRSM lunch I wanted to review a twitter
topic I wrote about recently, perhaps this will lead some discussions,
answer some questions, or create new ones. Either way I tried to boil
down the content here and allow for you to dig deeper if you choose
to. I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.
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Twitter Strategy for Business Part 1

Twitter is appropriate for businesses. It is not a passing fad, but a
reasonable social media outlet. It is powerful for business when you

You must use twitter to understand twitter.

There are plenty of examples of how not to use twitter for your
business. Instead we must strive to represent our brand, our business
in an appropriate manner, not talking about what our brand had for

Dig in deeper to This part of the Twitter Strategy for Business

The Trivium of twitter accounts to solve any branding on twitter issues are:

  • One twitter account for personal example
    username: Susan1974
  • One twitter account for the person behind the
    : SusanWMI
  • One twitter account for the brand as whole:

The Personal account can talk about things such as
what they ate for breakfast or a good fiction they are reading.

The Person Behind the Brand account is the future of
twitter for businesses. This is where a person who is obviously
connected to a brand is communicating, dialoging with folks via
twitter to accomplish the business’ goals (sell more cars, bid more
projects etc)

The Brand account would never been seen tweeting that
it is flying on a plane. Or other such nonsense.

There are business cases for other accounts, perhaps an internal
communications tool, or a team building tool etc. But these are not
for every business.

See more about the Trivium of accounts for a Twitter Strategy for Business

How often should these accounts post updates?

  • Personal – as often as you wish.
  • Person behind the Brand – once a week to twice a day or more
  • Brand – much less frequently. News items, major events.

What goals do you have for twitter?

To be truly strategic you need to determine your goals. Customer
Service? Sales? etc. Pick a goal or two and focus on those, make sure
to check in and see if you are achieving those goals as you tweet.

ROI, Return on Investment.

This has yet to be fleshed out. But the return depends on your goals
and your network building skills. If a tree falls in a forest and no
one is around… well the same is true for sending a tweet out with no

Read more about the ROI of a Twitter Presence for Business

Paul Kortman is a guy who thinks and writes about
Social Media. You can find him at one of our monthly lunch gatherings in Grand Rapids, or writing on his blog or investigating twitter via @namtrok.


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