March Wrap-Up

First off, we want to thank the GRAM for graciously allowing all of us social media types to meet in their conference room, to Paul Kortman (@namtrok) for presenting, and to all of you who made it out yesterday. Even though this was just our second meeting we are humbled and pleased with the reception that you all have shown; however, we are aware of some aspects that could use improvement. So if you have any suggestions please tell us! We will continue to work to make this time as relevant as possible and would appreciate your input on appropriate topics for discussion.  You can comment on this story, direct message us on Twitter @GRSM, leave a comment on the Facebook Fanpage (yes we have one!), or simply email us at grandsocial [at]

Upwards and onwards to the wrap-up:

Paul Kortman spoke about how businesses can leverage the micro blogging tool Twitter.

Multiple Accounts:

Whole Foods Market has adopted a widely practiced approach to Twitter where at least two Twitter accounts are utilized: the retail account (some individual stores have their own account) and the person behind the brand. In the case of Whole Foods the retail account answers questions that fellow tweeters have, updates information on sales, and even sometimes gives insight to what the business might be considering for future improvements.

The ‘person behind the brand’ account functions a bit differently in that it is an actual person, with a name, obvious likes and dislikes, hobbies, and they are completely open about who they work for. Typically this account might not have the constraints that the retail account operates under. You have some decisions to make in terms of how you will set up your strategy. However, never forget that whatever you tweet is public so tweet wisely.

Examples of good twitter accounts: –  not the ideal but a good retail example – the personal account of the SM coordinator of whole foods

Hijacking Conversations:

When utilizing Twitter to leverage your business you have to find the people who are talking about what you are selling, be it a good or serive. Enter Twitter Search. Twitter Search will pull all the tweets into a stream that mention the key word(s) that you have entered into the search engine. For example, if I want to see everyone who is tweeting about  “beet farms” I would enter “beet farms” into the search bar. This will result in a live and chronological stream of people’s tweets that mention beet farms, as you can see here.

What’s the benefit to your business? This functionality allows you to find the people who are possibly interested in your goods or services. Once you’ve found these people, you have the option to join in on the conversation and tell them what you are about (hijack). Obviously there are different ways of doing this, I suggest you check out how this business does it:
Quickbooks (constantly hijacks conversations) See here.

What’s the secret to success?
When Tweeting, remember to stay true to your brand and show me something I want to talk about or respond to. Ask yourself this question: do my tweets add value or do they make people more stupid?

Questions to Consider:

Should you auto follow anyone who follows you?
Should you send auto direct messages to those who just followed you?
Should you have more than one account?
Should more than one person run the account?

Twitter Tools You Should Look Into:
Twitter Search – the real power of twitter and why it wins (in my book) over facebook.
Hootsuite – online multiple profile multiple account tweet client.
Tweetdeck – cross platform app to consume fb and twitter.
Nearbytweets – local searches on twitter.
Twitterhawk – auto messages followers with specific keywords.


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