May 28th GRSM meeting at the GRCF

This month’s GRSM event will be held at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Building at 12pm on May 28th. GRCF is located at 185 Oakes Street SW Grand Rapids, MI. (map)

Our topic for this event is “Blogging, A Source for Social Marketing”. Our presenter will be Joel Leo. There will be a short presentation and then those attending will be asked to break into smaller groups and start a discussion of different methods and different platforms. This type of event is great for those that are just beginning with social media or those that are knee deep in the social sphere.

This is a lunch event, but we are not providing lunch, so please visit local eateries and bring your food on in. Founder’s and Ritz Koney are both local places, along with many others. Come on out and invite a friend or co-worker that may have some interest. Spread the word and lets make this our largest event so far.

Again we will be live streaming the event for those that can not attend, the stream can be found in the Tools tab up above. Also see the sidebar to follow us on Twitter.



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