Sept. 24 Meeting

There will be no GRSM meeting for September.  The reasons for this are many, first, the speakers we originally wanted were unable to participate for a few reasons.  Second, we started to see much activity here in our planning of the event.  Third, we were going to try and present about ArtPrize but we realized a few things.

We realized that here at the GRSM planning headquarters we were getting spread a little thin working on ArtPrize. We realized that many of those that attend our meetings are also involved in one way or another and might have a hard time showing up.  We also realized what better way to understand Social Media than to see it in action.

So, we encourage you all to get out on Thursday, take the time you might have to come to GRSM and take a walk around town.  Tweet what you like, take pictures, videos, post on facebook.  See how your words can lead others to go places, see things, and continue their own conversations.  Become part of this conversation and take it all in.  I am sure there is no way to see it all but see this as a way to find a little time.

We want to thank you all for coming to our other events and we will be returning next month with a great appreciation of how social media can spread, encourage, and highlight an event such as this. thank you.


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