GRSM Virtual Meeting

We understand that many of you that attend our events are busy and with the holiday season coming soon, we saw some conflicts with our normal dates for meetings.  To provide an alternative to meeting in Nov. and Dec. we are looking to hold a “Virtual Meeting”.

We are looking into the service This service allows for unlimited user text chatting along with webcam video and and audio chat for up to 12 people.  For those who do not have a camera you can just type or if you just wanna not been seen but be heard.  We are looking to use this services because it also provides the ability to do screen sharing.  This will allow the moderator to show the group what they are looking at on their screen and walk thru platforms, ideas or technology.

We are interested to hear if this type of meeting is better for some of you, if this type of meeting might help you ask questions, and participate.  Please leave us some comments, Is this method of meeting good for you and your work situation?  Would a mid month virtual meeting and a end of the month regular GRSM be a good fit.  We see these virtual meetings as a round table to help walk eachother through problems or to serve as a roundtable.

Thanks and keep looking as we will be announcing the dates for the “Virtual Meetings” soon.


3 Responses to GRSM Virtual Meeting

  1. Keep me informed of meeting times please.

  2. Sounds good to me. Calendars usually get jammed about this time of year, so this would probably work out nicely.

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