September 23rd GRSML Tweetup at the GRPM

This month’s Grand Rapids Social Media Lunch is at the Grand Rapids Public Museum where we can tour the ArtPrize Art displayed. This is a free event open to everyone – there is no charge to enter the Museum during ArtPrize. There will be a tent outside selling hot dogs, brats and burgers (not clear on Vegi offerings. Bring your iPhone and bump(TM) – Bring your iPad and show it off – Bring your biz cards and network. From Noon to when ever you decided to leave (come early if you like), you can tweet up with your fellow GRSMLers – and check out some fantastic ArtPrize works.

We have reserved room 2M (it’s a classroom) at noon on the 23rd – meet up there for a chance to win some ArtPrize Swag!


3 Responses to September 23rd GRSML Tweetup at the GRPM

  1. Missy Stanisz says:

    I am looking forward to meeting you all!

  2. Dan Banta says:

    Sounds good! I’ll be there at some point.

  3. Luke Rumley says:

    If I remember correctly, this facility did not have wifi, correct? Not complaining, just a fair warning.

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