August 2011 GRSM – MyGR6

August 25th Noon at the Amway Grand, Atrium Room

Do you know about this new initiative that Grand Rapids is doing this year? My Grand Rapids in Six Words @MyGR6 – is a community movement designed to allow anyone to express their sentiments about our community using just six words. MyGR6 mashes up social and traditional media.

Inspired by the urban legend that Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in just six words and the resulting six-word story and six-word memoirs, MyGR6 has collected nearly 5,000 stories about our community.

Join Beth Dornan (@BethDornan) of Amway Public Relations and John “Gonzo” Gonzalez (@GRGonzo) of The Grand Rapids Press to learn how MyGR6 was created and how it uses a blend of print, online and social media to get people to share their pride and share their six.

We’re moving this particular event to the Amway Grand Hotel (Pantland), in the Atrium Room. It’s on the lower level by the river just off of the staircase.


7 Responses to August 2011 GRSM – MyGR6

  1. Looking forward to it and the new location. It is closer to my new job @ActonInstitute!

  2. Christina says:

    When is it?

  3. […] Though it perhaps didn’t come through in my blog post – I think the My GR Six crew are a great bunch of people.  I like Beth Dornan and John Gonzales quite a bit and even attended a recent Grand Rapids Social Media meetup to hear about the inception of the project. […]

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