September GRSM Tweetup at SiteLab

This month’s GRSM Lunch will be held at SiteLab’s venue at Noon on the 29th. SiteLab is in the old, gutted, JA Building at 2 East Fulton St. In case you don’t know what SiteLab is: SiTE LAB creates temporary site-specific art projects aimed at facilitating dynamic collaborations between the art, education, business and cultural communities of Grand Rapids.

Thursday’s event will have the artist, Alois Kronschlaeger, Eric Kuhn (from SiteLab) and Kristen Underhill, from Storming The Castle Pictures, (a videographer) discussing their Social Media efforts before and during ArtPrize. Each will speak about 5 minutes with some QnA, but mostly this is a tweetup to discuss what you experience at SiteLab. You’re encouraged to twitpic or tweet, video or Facebook post your experiences.

So grab a sandwich from any of the downtown establishments and join us at GRSM.


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