GRSM March 22nd – Content Curation (information that speaks to your audience)

The second event in GRSM’s 4 part series on Social Media Content covers Content Curation. Two speakers will discuss how they choose and use content to speak to their audience and target their goals. This next lunchtime meeting will be held at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Building at 12pm on Thursday, March 22nd. GRCF is located at 185 Oakes Street SW Grand Rapids, MI. (map). Come a little early to network or stay a while after.

George Aquino (@myhotellife) and Ryan Slusarzyk (@SmileRy) will be speaking about their interests and strategies of social media in their personal lives and how we relate them to the hotels and city.  They both treat their social media “life” as an extension of their brands.  It’s every day, whether it’s food, drink, entertainment, they like to talk about it.  What essentially this does is make them “experts” in what interests them.  For George, he is obviously well traveled, a huge foodie and wants to shares those experiences.  Coupled with his enthusiasm of the city, it creates a perfect brand for someone in the hospitality industry, which can utilizes what he learns in other West Michigan locations or anywhere around the world to make his hotel or our city better.

With Ryan, he has a love for anything Grand Rapids.  He focuses on what he is passionate about; dining, Grand Rapids, unique events, fashion, LOCAL, non-profits, etc… Ultimately people seek him out as because he is a “brand ambassador” to the city and those things going on here.  His passion is to give others the insight, tools and opportunity to experience new and different things. If it attracts people downtown Grand Rapids, then he feels he is doing his job.

Working for the Amway Hotel Corporation, George and Ryan, are truly meant to be ambassadors of the city.  If they attract people downtown, it will inadvertently help their hotels in occupancy, food and beverage revenue and exposure.

This is a lunch event, but we are not providing lunch, so please visit local eateries and bring your food on in. Founders and Ritz Koney are both local places, but if these dont whet your appetite there are many restaurants nearby. Come on out and invite a friend or co-worker that may have some interest. Spread the word.

Again we will be live streaming the event for those that cannot attend, the stream can be found in the Tools tab up above. Also see the sidebar to follow us on Twitter.

In the coming months we’ll be discussing  Repurposing, Monitoring, as well as Network and Interactions. More info to come.


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