Oct/Nov GRSM, Nov 5th Panel at the GRCF

October 30, 2010

We’ve combined October and November’s meetings into one. We are doing a panel talk and Q&A about ArtPrize and how social media was used. Panelists will be showing the wide scope and where each element fits in, and how this can relate to any event.

Ian Maclurg = ArtPrize
GRAM = Venue
Beth Heinen Bell = Artist
Rachael Recker = Press
Casey Stratton = Fringe
Audience = Visitors

Hold 12:00pm, November 5th, in your calender to join us at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation (GRCF is located at 185 Oakes Street SW Grand Rapids, MI). As always, bring a lunch – and learn.

Update: Video of the event

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


GRSM Event 3/26 12PM

March 20, 2009

Are you interested in Social Marketing? Trying to introduce your marketing department to Twitter and Facebook? Trying to find a way to get new eyes on your company’s website? The Grand Rapids Social Marketing Lunch is a good place to learn from those in the area who are answering these questions. Our next event will be held on Thursday, March 26th at 12pm in the “Garden Room” at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. It is open to all those who are interested in Social Marketing, so bring a friend.

At this month’s event we will be in the lower level of the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The room is easily accessible from the Louis St. Unfortunately the GRAM does not allow outside food in the museum, however they will be providing us with the ability to pre-order lunch from their cafe. If you chose to pre-order, your meal will be available for pickup when you arrive that’s also when you pay.  We encourage you to either pre-order from the cafe using the instructions below, order when you get there but expect a wait, or eat your lunch before you arrive.

Our topic for the event will be announced in the next few days. Thank you for attending and we hope to grow this group and make it better each month.

Lunch Instructions:
Please email/call with your order, please provide what time you would like to pick up the food and your name. Please email your selection to markw@tiggs.biz or call at 831-2922 prior to the event. The menu is below.

GRAM Lunch Menu (pdf)

Thank you & a call for suggestions…

March 2, 2009

First, on behalf of Ian, Joel (who was unable to be with us today) and myself, I want to thank all 45 of you who joined us at Founder’s!  Ian and I were completely blown away by the attendance, the conversation and enthusiasm that each of you brought.  This confirms what we’ve suspected all along:  Grand Rapids is a thriving, active community with a lot of forward-thinking bright individuals.

Second, as great as Founder’s is, we decided it is not ideal for conversation, especially with a group of our size.  We would love to hear suggestions for future meeting spaces.  The ideal location would be somewhere relatively quiet with at least a somewhat-private seating area, with the ability to hold 60+ comfortably.

And last, if you haven’t already, check out our spot on Google Moderator.  Be sure to submit or vote on a topic you’d like to hear addressed and discussed at the next meeting.

Great meeting you all, and can’t wait to see everyone on 3/26 (details to follow). Look for a summary and recap of this week’s discussion here soon!