Oct/Nov GRSM, Nov 5th Panel at the GRCF

October 30, 2010

We’ve combined October and November’s meetings into one. We are doing a panel talk and Q&A about ArtPrize and how social media was used. Panelists will be showing the wide scope and where each element fits in, and how this can relate to any event.

Ian Maclurg = ArtPrize
GRAM = Venue
Beth Heinen Bell = Artist
Rachael Recker = Press
Casey Stratton = Fringe
Audience = Visitors

Hold 12:00pm, November 5th, in your calender to join us at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation (GRCF is located at 185 Oakes Street SW Grand Rapids, MI). As always, bring a lunch – and learn.

Update: Video of the event

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


And We’re Back

January 19, 2010

As you may have noticed our last “meeting” was back in Nov.  We have been watching at the growing social media community in Grand Rapids with enthusiasm as well as the multiple events that have popped up.  We have seen new users come in and create new events and other outlets for learning have helped create a community that is energized and continually trying new things.  GRSM is almost a year old and with that we are going to be trying a few new things.

GRSM will be focusing on smaller topics, more focused content and niche solutions.  We want to listen to the community and bring in people and minds that can answer the questions that will move individuals and companies further.  To do that we are going to be focusing our meetings toward a specific platform or strategy.  While most of these topics will be for a larger audience we understand that some will benefit more than others.  With that being said, we are announcing our next meeting.

The next GRSM lunchtime meeting will be held at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Building at 12pm on Jan. 27th. GRCF is located at 185 Oakes Street SW Grand Rapids, MI. (map). The topic for this meeting is “Tracking: Monitor Engagement.”  We will have a few speakers going through what they do to help monitor the impact of their efforts.  We will show methods for tracking Twitter and Facebook.  We will be working through how to integrate this into your current tracking programs along with how to take this information and adapt it to be explained and referenced.

This is a lunch event, but we are not providing lunch, so please visit local eateries and bring your food on in. Founder’s and Ritz Koney are both local places, along with many others. Come on out and invite a friend or co-worker that may have some interest. Spread the word and lets make this our largest event so far.

Again we will be live streaming the event for those that cannot attend, the stream can be found in the Tools tab up above. Also see the sidebar to follow us on Twitter.

August 27th GRSM Meeting

August 25, 2009

This month’s Grand Rapids Social Marketing event will be held at the Western Michigan University downtown location at 12pm on Aug. 27th. WMU is located at 200 Ionia Ave SW Grand Rapids, MI. (map)

We will be having a panel discussion, a variety of individuals will be up front, giving a small intro and then opening the floor up for a group wide question and answer period.  If the Q/A goes well we may just continue for the rest of the time, or, like usual, break into smaller groups and start a discussion of different methods and different platforms. This type of event is great for those that are just beginning with social media or those that are knee deep in the social marketing pool.

This event will be a little different than others, Outside food is not allowed, so please make arrangements to eat before you come or after.  Founder’s and Ritz Koney are both local places, along with many others. Come on out and invite a friend or co-worker that may have some interest. Spread the word and lets make this our largest event so far.

Again we will be live streaming the event for those that can not attend, the stream can be found in the Tools tab up above. Also see the sidebar to follow us on Twitter.


March Wrap-Up

March 27, 2009

First off, we want to thank the GRAM for graciously allowing all of us social media types to meet in their conference room, to Paul Kortman (@namtrok) for presenting, and to all of you who made it out yesterday. Even though this was just our second meeting we are humbled and pleased with the reception that you all have shown; however, we are aware of some aspects that could use improvement. So if you have any suggestions please tell us! We will continue to work to make this time as relevant as possible and would appreciate your input on appropriate topics for discussion.  You can comment on this story, direct message us on Twitter @GRSM, leave a comment on the Facebook Fanpage (yes we have one!), or simply email us at grandsocial [at] gmail.com.

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GRSM Event 3/26 12PM

March 20, 2009

Are you interested in Social Marketing? Trying to introduce your marketing department to Twitter and Facebook? Trying to find a way to get new eyes on your company’s website? The Grand Rapids Social Marketing Lunch is a good place to learn from those in the area who are answering these questions. Our next event will be held on Thursday, March 26th at 12pm in the “Garden Room” at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. It is open to all those who are interested in Social Marketing, so bring a friend.

At this month’s event we will be in the lower level of the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The room is easily accessible from the Louis St. Unfortunately the GRAM does not allow outside food in the museum, however they will be providing us with the ability to pre-order lunch from their cafe. If you chose to pre-order, your meal will be available for pickup when you arrive that’s also when you pay.  We encourage you to either pre-order from the cafe using the instructions below, order when you get there but expect a wait, or eat your lunch before you arrive.

Our topic for the event will be announced in the next few days. Thank you for attending and we hope to grow this group and make it better each month.

Lunch Instructions:
Please email/call with your order, please provide what time you would like to pick up the food and your name. Please email your selection to markw@tiggs.biz or call at 831-2922 prior to the event. The menu is below.

GRAM Lunch Menu (pdf)

Marketing with the Masses

February 17, 2009

Social Marketing is an area with a large scope. With our meetup we are planning on starting with an introduction, not only to the services out there to use but also introducing each other. Our plan for the event is to be open, sharing, with a focus on being both teachers and students. We encourage all to come with their knowledge and experience, ready to share and participate in helping the group grow in knowledge.

The format will probably consist of a major topic that will be presented and discussed, with further conversation revolving around individuals experience and tips. We hope to have one or two presenters each meeting that will start the conversation. Followed by a time for group learning and exploration of the ideas presented. We want the needs and curiosity of the group to help guide the future topics, along with new developments in the industry to help trigger the path.

We are working on a date on time for the first meetup, we are also looking for a location to have the event so if you have and suggestions please let us know. We also would like to build a list of the Social media sites and services that we should be covering, each industry and area of marketing uses different services, by being aware of what you are using it will help us structure each following event to get the most out of our time.

If you have specific questions or ideas for the topics to be discussed please feel free to send them our way either by messaging us on twitter or sending an email to grandsocial [a] gmail .com

Grand Rapids Social Marketing Lunch.

February 16, 2009

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