Marketing with the Masses

February 17, 2009

Social Marketing is an area with a large scope. With our meetup we are planning on starting with an introduction, not only to the services out there to use but also introducing each other. Our plan for the event is to be open, sharing, with a focus on being both teachers and students. We encourage all to come with their knowledge and experience, ready to share and participate in helping the group grow in knowledge.

The format will probably consist of a major topic that will be presented and discussed, with further conversation revolving around individuals experience and tips. We hope to have one or two presenters each meeting that will start the conversation. Followed by a time for group learning and exploration of the ideas presented. We want the needs and curiosity of the group to help guide the future topics, along with new developments in the industry to help trigger the path.

We are working on a date on time for the first meetup, we are also looking for a location to have the event so if you have and suggestions please let us know. We also would like to build a list of the Social media sites and services that we should be covering, each industry and area of marketing uses different services, by being aware of what you are using it will help us structure each following event to get the most out of our time.

If you have specific questions or ideas for the topics to be discussed please feel free to send them our way either by messaging us on twitter or sending an email to grandsocial [a] gmail .com


Grand Rapids Social Marketing Lunch.

February 16, 2009

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